Trustee Director Desk

Mr Kishor H Munot,
Trustee Director

Dear All I wish you all a very happy and successful life.I express my sincere thanks for placing your trust and confidence in me to lead K G College a task I accept with deepest humility. I welcome all the new members to the K G family and seek the kind support and commitment to steer K G to new vistas and pathways of success. K G college is a premier teaching evening college, it is our endeavour to encourage each and every student in pursuit of complete knowledge that brings about complete overall development as a good human being.

We believe that in todays competative world it is more important that students should get such kind of education that will prepare them for life long learning and for global citizenship. At K G College we make humble efforts to be a learner centered educational activities which recognizes that our students are purposeful and driven , they should feel inner desire to achieve their goal. I also strongly believe that we need to make sincere attempts to reach out to the policy makers, Industrial organizations to give our valuable inputs/services on many important policy issues/training programmes. This can be possible only when each one contributes his/her might as experts in the field. Equally significant in the initiative to recognize the young graduates as it is they who are the future leaders of tomorrow. We shall make efforts to seek their greater contribution in the activities of the society.

Mr Kishor H Munot,
Trustee Director,
K G College of Arts and Commerce,